Estate managers and live-in housekeepers used to be staples of big homes and estates in the past. In the past of this country, aristocrats and wealthy families would have those two positions filled as part of their staff. However, in recent years, with changes in economies, not a lot of people work as either an estate manager or housekeeper. Recently, there has been an uptick in demand for those two household staff positions. There are even agencies, such as, which specializes in helping people find the right household staff to hire. Using an agency to find estate managers or housekeepers is an excellent idea. But it would also be helpful if you knew the exact duties to expect from your housekeeper or estate administrator.

Estate Managers

Estate managers have got some different responsibilities that they must carry out. They may be tasked with the overall physical management of the estate, such as the state of the lawns and gardens. They could also be asked to oversee the daily and general finances of the household as well. And on top of all of those everyday tasks, estate managers may also be called upon to fulfill specific duties as well. They may be tasked to plan and organize for special events and parties for the whole estate.

Live-in Housekeepers

Housekeepers perform a myriad of duties, depending on what their bosses require. If their employers have got children, then it is another duty of the live-in housekeeper to also watch over the children. Aside from those specific functions, there are some general tasks that most housekeepers are meant to fulfill. These kinds of tasks could include general cleaning of the house, such as doing laundry. And they may be asked to cook for the household as well. These different kinds of duties all fit the role of a housekeeper quite well. It may sound like they are doing maid duties, but being a housekeeper is so much more than being a maid. This is because housekeepers would also be compensated better than a maid as well.

Those are just some of the duties that an estate manager or live-in housekeeper have got to fulfill. If you think that you are right for either of those jobs, you can visit, to find a job opening nearby. That agency’s website could also be useful for people that are searching for people that they can hire as a housekeeper or an estate manager. Going through an agency to find the staff that you are looking for, should allow you to find the right sort of people to hire. And you would also locate the process of hiring staff for your household so much easier if you used a hiring agency. Either way, it is also really crucial that you try and find an estate manager to run your affairs, or a housekeeper to manage your household. With the help of either of those two professions, your household should run much better.