When the winter season is approaching, you need to be always ready with your winter season clothes. You need to be ready at home as well, like putting the firewood that can help you ease the cold feeling and for you to be comfortable while you are at home. But when burning firewood why is it only the seasoned tree logs should be burned? What could be the sense of burning seasoned woods against an ordinary wood that you can gather from the tree on your backyard? That is an interesting fact that you should know if you are dependent on wood as firewood.

Burning unseasoned wood is not a bright idea. Why? Wet tree logs or woods can only give less heat and can cause more creosote that can form in your chimney. The recent wood stove airtight extracts heat from the wood in 2 ways. First the main source of heat coming from the wood stove is combustion of the woods itself. The secondary source of the heat is from combustion of unburned wood particles coming from the main fire and gasified resins.

When the woods are freshly chopped it still has 50% water content that would not burn up in your fireplace. So that is why the woods are seasoned to dry it and get it ready as your firewood. Once the water content gone below 20% it is going to be ready to burn. Burning those unseasoned firewood can build up creosote in the chimney that can worst lead to fire. Burning seasoned firewood is important so you can get the heat that you need not just only the fire that it can create.

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The tree surgery professionals can absolutely provide and recommend the right season firewood that you can use at your fireplace. Some examples of the good firewood you can use are: oak, locust, sassafras, and cherry. By visiting the website http://www.southeasttreesurgeons.co.uk you can see there the goal of the tree surgery professionals to provide quality care for the trees and providing quality logs for firewood as well.

Just visit the website http://www.southeasttreesurgeons.co.uk for any quality logs that you want to buy. Buying quality logs for firewood should be giving you the heat especially in the middle of the winter season. It is definitely the right time that you need to have the firewood for your fireplace to somehow lessen the cold feeling of weather.

Always consider the right thing you need during the winter season. Just like buying the right quality log for your firewood. Make sure that while the winter is approaching you gather the woods that you need for your fireplace. It is better to get things ready before winter time so you would not struggle in and be fully affected with the cold weather. You cannot stop the winter season but at least you can do something to face it. Having the right firewood or seasoned tree logs you will never worry about the heat that you can get every night.